Tropicana Restaurant offers our visitors variety of dishes where we combined the Peruvian Cuisine with Bahamian and Caribbean Food. Try this different taste with us today!

Estofado de Pollo: Chicken Stew, boiled potatoes and white rice... $17.00

Ceviche de Pescado: World famous Peruvian traditional dish made with fish in lemon juice, onions and peppers...$17.50

Tallarines Verdes con Bistek: Noodle pasta covered in green sauce made with spinach, basil and onions served with fried steak$18.50

Aji de Gallina: Chili pepper chicken, the traditional Peruvian dish served with white rice$18.50

Spicy Chicken Wings: half dozen wings with dressing$9.00

Lomo Salteado: The popular, traditional Peruvian stir fry beef served with white rice on a yellow sauce$18.50

White rice, beans and chuleta: Fried pork chop served with white rice, fried plantain and beans…$18.40

Bistek a la Pobre: Steak fried with fried eggs, french fries or white rice$18.50

Tiradito de Pescado: Thinly sliced fish layered in sauce made of aji paste, lemon and orange juice, oil, garnished with onions…$17.50

Chicharron de Pescado: Fried fish fritters, served with onions, lettuce and tomatoes…$18.50

Ham/Turkey Sandwich: Your choice of roasted turkey breast or thinlysliced ham, piled high on toasted wale wheat bread with cucumber, tomato and lettuces, onions...$11.50

Conch Fritters(6): A Bahamian favorite. Six crispy fluffy fritters toasted with conch$11.50

Pescado frito: White fried fish served with white rice or salad…$17.50

Arroz Chaufa: Fried rice with cheese onions, scramble eggs, combination fried rice Peruvian style$17.20

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