Tropicana Club Nassau


Tropicana Restaurant offers our visitors variety of dishes where we combined the Peruvian Cuisine with Bahamian and Caribbean Food. Try this different taste with us today!

Estofado de Pollo: Chicken Stew, boiled potatoes and white rice... $17.00

Ceviche de Pescado: World famous Peruvian traditional dish made with fish in lemon juice, onions and peppers...$17.50

Tallarines Verdes con Bistek: Noodle pasta covered in green sauce made with spinach, basil and onions served with fried steak$18.50

Aji de Gallina: Chili pepper chicken, the traditional Peruvian dish served with white rice$18.50

Spicy Chicken Wings: half dozen wings with dressing$9.00

Lomo Salteado: The popular, traditional Peruvian stir fry beef served with white rice on a yellow sauce$18.50

White rice, beans and chuleta: Fried pork chop served with white rice, fried plantain and beans…$18.40

Bistek a la Pobre: Steak fried with fried eggs, french fries or white rice$18.50

Tiradito de Pescado: Thinly sliced fish layered in sauce made of aji paste, lemon and orange juice, oil, garnished with onions…$17.50

Chicharron de Pescado: Fried fish fritters, served with onions, lettuce and tomatoes…$18.50

Ham/Turkey Sandwich: Your choice of roasted turkey breast or thinlysliced ham, piled high on toasted wale wheat bread with cucumber, tomato and lettuces, onions...$11.50

Conch Fritters(6): A Bahamian favorite. Six crispy fluffy fritters toasted with conch$11.50

Pescado frito: White fried fish served with white rice or salad…$17.50

Arroz Chaufa: Fried rice with cheese onions, scramble eggs, combination fried rice Peruvian style$17.20

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